1960 Wall at Retrospective


Anonima opening

April 1967

Ernst Benkert, Ed Mieczkowski, Frank Hewitt

New York, NY 1965

Ernst Benkert table

Coopers Gap, NC 1965

North Carolina Studio

Coopers Gap, NC 1964

Poster for Black, White and Gray Show, 1966

40 West 28th St

Napkin, 1966

Ernst Benkert Assessment 64

Ernst Benkert, Size Change, 1968

Ink on Paper

Frank Hewitt, Overlap Series Pink and Blue, 1967

Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 24 inches

Frank Hewitt, Overlap Series, 1966

Shown at Albright Knox in March, 1968

Frank Hewitt, Op-Ended #3, 1964

Acrylic on Canvas

Ernst Benkert, Rumble, 1964

Acrylic on Canvas 18 x 18 inches Collection International Minerals and Chemicals show in Anonima Group Show April, 1964 and Vibrations II Martha Jackson Jan, 1965

Ed Mieczowski, Anon, 1961

Ink on Paper 22.5 x 28.5 inches